Full Time Evangelist Needed in Minnesota

In the coming months, the Mankato Church of Christ in Mankato, MN will be seeking to hire a full-time minister to serve in southern Minnesota. We are a congregation of approximately fifty members overseen by two elders, including a vocational ministry program to recruit young Christians to live and work in Mankato, while serving the church. Applicants should possess sound biblical knowledge; have a degree in ministry, a similar field, or preaching experience; and solid interpersonal skills. Duties would include, but not limited to, pulpit preaching, Bible class teaching, community building, and outreach activities. Salary and benefits are negotiable and commensurate with experience.

Located in the largest city in southern Minnesota, and rapidly growing, we have a lot to offer! Mankato is one and a half hours from the large metropolis of Minneapolis/St. Paul, with a variety of restaurants, stores, and industries. The closest international airport is conveniently located a little over an hour away, with a bus service running from Mankato to the airport. The surrounding area of Mankato has a population over 100,000 and is also home to a large contingent of college students. With a large state university in town, we have all the benefits of a college town, and all the amenities of a large suburb. One of the biggest attractions is a ski resort, Mount Kato, located right outside of town, boasting months of some of the best slope time in Minnesota. Other popular activities include exploring the many nearby state parks and over ten thousand lakes that offer everything from boating to ice fishing.

All interested applicants should submit a resume, references, and a video of a recent sermon to the elders at